Joe Stafford

Just once in a while a singer comes along who hits a note and your interest is instantly captured – Joe Stafford is such a singer.

Complimenting his unique voice is his unbelievable keyboard technique. From the second his nimble fingers touch the piano to the moment his voice reaches out Joe Stafford is the man without question standing equal with the very best stage performers.

From R&B to soul, swing to rock, Joe presents a truly magical listening and visual experience which leaves his audience foot-tapping and clapping for more, much more.

If this was not enough Joe Stafford is also a prolific song-writer with several worthy compositions to his name, many of which are featured during his performances.

Highlighting Joe's credentials is the fact that both he and his band are regular performers at the prestigious "Jam House" in Birmingham, a much sought-after venue by all ambitious artists. When they appear it is a sell-out.

Of one thing you can be sure when booking Joe Stafford, clients/guests/audience are in for truly great entertainment and a memorable show.

Mr. Entertainer – nothing more needs to be said

Jess Conrad