Ed Bussey

Ed Bussey has, been afforded the accolade of musical genius by many artists who have enjoyed the pleasure of both his musical arrangements, accompaniment and direction (indeed it would be fair to say there are many singers who are indebted to Ed Bussey).

A truly outstanding pianist in his own right, Ed has to be heard to be savoured as he makes this iconic instrument his very own in delivering outstanding jazz compositions, swing classics or indeed gentle smooth listening.

Standing testament of his talent, Ed has toured with the likes of David Essex and in so doing has learnt his craft well, he genuinely presents a very special performance.

A remarkable young man and most certainly one of the nicest guys one could ever meet, Ed Bussey is totally professional and recognises the absolute necessity to deliver a quality performance on behalf of both the client and audience.

Ed Bussey – quite simply one of the very best pianists around

Jess Conrad