Who can forget the Tornados, famous of course for their instrumental hit 'Telstar' which reached the dizzy heights becoming a gigantic "number one" hit worldwide and is still widely played today. After 12 years touring with the Tornados, Mr. Bip branched out on his own forming The Telstars.

However the Telstars are much more than an instrumental group thanks in no short measure to the enigmatic "Mr. Bip" who possesses a truly fine voice and is the showman personified whether performing with the Telstars or, as he often does, solo. He occasionally appears with his good friend Jess Conrad, the two together really making both the stage and audience rock.

A true get-up-and-dance cabaret act which covers all those major magical hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Mr. Bip and his Telstars are pure entertainment at its best with their stage show lighting up any event.

Demo tracks available

Jess Conrad